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[QUOTE=collie07;5077396]About 5 months ago I noticed significant pain/weakness in my calves when walking from the subway. Soon my toes on my right foot started feeling numb and then the whole forefoot was painful to step on. Then nerve pain started so that it felt like I was walking on golf balls with shooting, stabbing, electric pain. The foot goes through colour changes and the front part and toes are swollen and red and sometimes purple after standing a lot or a shower. Nerve tests showed non-specific results with no lesions. Does this sound familiar to anyone? My doctor is mystified.[/QUOTE]I have neuropathy in both legs and feet. Mine is due to MS. I lose track of time and think this constant pain has been going on for six months.

The bottoms of my feet hurt and the sides feel like I have open wounds. I can barely keep shoes on for very long and my arches hurt too.

My legs are an entirely different story with burning and aching. Now if any cold air hits my legs or feet it nearly sends me through the roof. Just like an exposed root in your teeth and when cold liquid hits it.

I don't have any skin discolorations like you both describe.

I am taking Neurotin & Loritab but it is not cutting it.

I go to a pain specialist and he wants to add methadone to the mix but that med scares me. But may not have any other choice. He said Cymbalta is not strong enough for the type of nerve pain I have.

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