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My pain specialist told me that Lyrica & Cymbalta would not do nothing for pain for the type of neuropathy I am having. I have not heard of Norco & will have to research that one. Now, Neurotin, what I am on is specifically for nerve pain. It does help a lot but as you say, it is not enough.

I totally understand how you feel about wishing we could get our life back.

I am a big baby and when dx with MS, it took me two years to come to terms with it. I went into a deep depression. Now, this. It is different because it is not a disease like MS, but the pain is really hard to live with and deal with. I have to come to terms with it because it has been all consuming and I have to get past that.

I would like to find a way maybe through meditation to get my mind off of the pain and learn how to channel it. I am sure there is a way and maybe we can find someone here that can help.

Big hugs to you!!!!
[QUOTE=June89;5087448]Hi I take lyrica & cymbalta for pain. I also found that this was not enough I am now on a patch for pain called buTrans 10ugs/h, recently recommended for this type of pain. The patch stays on for 7 days. It is an opioid. I take oxicodent for break through pain, usually 2-3 times a day. I take zopiclone for sleeping. This combination gives me a day and I am not too stoned. I usually don't drive. Walking is very dfficult. Standing up is now challenging. Hope that helps? June[/QUOTE]

Hi June, I too have sleeping issues for years. Before all the pain came. I take .5 mg of xanex before bed.

I appreciate your information and will ask about the patch. I am still working, but only part time and it is less than five minutes from my home. This cold weather is really affecting my legs. I wear long johns under my dress pants but it is still not enough. I will also start wearing tights under the long johns. Have to probably buy larger pants so I can layer heavily. :) Bought shoes a half size larger for extra socks. The nerve pain on my feet is just or almost worse than my legs. I should have tried a larger pair of shoe as now this one feels tight.

Big Hugs to you!

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