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I've been trying to obtain a diagnosis for whatever I have going on. Looking for some advice and to see if there is anyone else out there that has gone through what I have going on. I suffer from neuropathy LIKE symptoms: burning, tingling, and pin pricks primarily in my feet and legs, but also occasionally in my hands and arms. Nerve conduction studies were normal. I get deep muscle aches, sometimes joint pain, and some bad spurts of fatigue. I have GI issues of unknown reasons. I also have dry eyes, mildly dry mouth, dry sinuses, and dry skin. All my bloodwork thus far has come back normal (and I've had extensive bloodwork completed by a variety of doctors). I've also had an MRI that came back normal. I suffer from occassional concentration and memory problems. My neurologist wanted me tested for sjogren's so he referred me to a rheumatologist, but the rheuma doesn't think I have it because my blood is normal and I don't have bone dry mouth. She referred me to an oral surgeon anyways just to have my mouth evaluated, and he said that he can see saliva production and doesn't know why I feel like I have some dry issues in my mouth. I'm constantly applying Chapstick, otherwise my lips stick together or to my teeth. I have a hard time swallowing the saliva I do have if I'm not constantly drinking water. I feel like I have to gather it and it feels difficult to swallow it. My teeth feel very grimy, like they are covered in film (another reason I am constantly drinking water) and I often wake up with a swollen and dry throat. The oral surgeon doesn't think the lip biopsy would show anything to test for sjogren's. My question is can my dry issues be completely unrelated to my other issues? Does anyone know if a lip biopsy can have a positive result for sjogren's even without severe dry mouth? And does anyone know what else this could be going on with me?

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