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[QUOTE=June89;5095755]Hi LasVegasgirl.. I am so sorry for your pain. I am not familiar with the pain you have in your glands. I have small fiber neuropathy & nonsystemic vascultic neuropathy. My muscles in my feet and hands are wasting away. The neuropathy pain is horrible. I control with a butrans pain patch, cymbalta & lyrica & oxicodent for breakthrough pain. I am on a immune supressant that increases hair loss. I have a Pain Dr., a Neuromuscular Dr & a Family Dr. & a Neurologist Dr. whom talk to each other about my diagnosis etc..I do not know what Dr u see for MS. The medication you are taking may be causing hair & weight loss, you should check this out. I am not sure if I answered any of your questions, but hang in there . Go back to your neurologist & get the information U need. Get a referral to a pain Dr who can help you out immensely. Take care & best of luck, June[/QUOTE]June,

You might have answered my questions. You go to a Neuromuscular doctor and that maybe is who I need to see. My neurologist peformed a nerve conductor test on me and said I have mild neuropathy in both legs and feet plus carpal tunnel in both arms. But the pain I experience is anything but mild. I could not imagine it getting worse. Plus my neurologist said it was permanent but did not tell me anything about what type of neuropathy I have. You would think my neurologist would at least check into it further. Just because I have MS, why would they dismiss everything?

You answered another one of my posts so I'll try not to repeat myself but I am hoping my glands hurt because I am now sick with a chest cold. However, my glands and ears have been hurting me for several weeks now. Maybe my body has been trying to fight this off for that long.

I see my regular doctor in December and will ask her. She has been very worried about me.

Thanks June. You have been so much help to me here. Big hugs to you!! xxoo

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