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[QUOTE=Aussie100;5113004]Hi, I hope you don't mind but I have a few questions to ask to get an idea of your particular case, are you diabetic 1 or 2 ? I ask this because with diabetes 2 the drug metformin is very commonly used, but it can deplete B12 levels over time which is a very important vitamin that is essential for nerve health.

[FONT="Arial Black"]I am a type 2, more than likely caused by years of pain control injections in the spine. Apparently, the combination of cortisone and steroids did an irreversible number on my pancreas, resulting in type two diabetes. [/FONT]

Has your neuro blamed your neuropathy solely on blood sugar levels or is there another reason for your nerve damage ? I noticed your Ac1 test was excellent at 5.7, have you kept your sugars levels like this since you were diagnosed with diabetes ?

[FONT="Arial Black"] It is a combination of diabetes [and my numbers have always been in this range, sometimes flaring to the low or mid six range, but not regularly] and stenosis of the Lumbar spine. In 1987 slipped and fell in a hotel shower while on a one-week training course for my employer. In 1991, I had to have an emergency laminectomy and hardware placed on the L-2 through S-1 with fusion. This has caused problems of its own, but without the surgery, I would have become a paraplegic. [/FONT]

Have you ever suffered with burning, sharp jabbing feelings, high sensitively to your feet before they went numb ? or is it pain only since the start.

[FONT="Arial Black"]I went through at least fifteen years of the tingling, burning, jabbing, etc, in the feet, while they gradually went numb. [/FONT]

Have you tried any supplements for your neuropathy and what type of nerves has your neuro told you are involved in your case.

[FONT="Arial Black"]It is the sensory nerves, not the motor nerves involved with my neuropathy. I think my well-maintained exercise plan has helped to keep my muscles strong and functional. Because of kidney failure, I take high doses of Vitamin D2 and prescription potassium daily. I use over the counter creams with Caspian seeds to ease the burning and stinging and tingling and tickling sensations at night. The Rx's I have don't begin to touch the sensations, just the pain. And once the pain reaches a certain level for a long time during any day, my body succumbs to a round of fibromyalgia. My doc calls these Fibromyalgia storms. I have another name for them, but as a Christian and pastor, I try to be somewhat civil! [/FONT]


I hope this answers some of your questions. And if you are suffering the same, let me offer you my prayers.

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