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[I][I]I wasn't told about the recovery time in some cases. I had my surgery as my right arm was numb and an EMG indicated it was hour glassed. I went 6 months before the surgery was done on November 20th, 2011. Today I'm still off work on short term disability and may loose my job. So 7 weeks now, 2 weeks of physical theapy and I can take the numb, but the hand and two fingers that own the nerve have the shooting pain still. Weather makes a lot of difference. Th cold is worst. I guess just keeping on with the therapy and beer helps with sleep. I don't get any relief from hydrocodone and it makes me sick feeling. When they ask what does it feel like, well OK.... like a locomotive feel on my right hand last two fingers and palm and nobody has pulled it off yet. Somedays it's real tight. I bought a new motorcycle and guitar for Christmas and my fishing, hunting are all on hold. I work contract engineering and short term disability pays 60% of my pay LESS taxes so I'm falling deeper in a hole. I came on here knowing this has been posted before but looking for [B]fresh post [/B]of you that may have some light at the end of the tunnel. I'm right handed......Blaaah. The only hope and things I see that what makes me feel better or man up about me are the other people in therapy that have a lot worst rehab and facial expressions than I have. So let me have it folks. I pray for me and all of you in any pain. Steve from Baytown, TX OUCH! I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired and Swamp People and Pawn Stars is getting realllll old. You think they should do another EMG to see if the pinch is still pinched?[/I][/I] [B]God Bless you in Pain.[/B]

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