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[I]I was a pitcher in high school, a dirt bike racer, then I fished professional on and off up to 2008 and to top that off I shoot a lot of handguns. All of these things combined is what took the nerve out. I shot 750 rounds of 45's last March breaking in 3 new guns. After that day my arm was never the same, I had indeed pinched the nerve or say hour glassed it to stay inflamed 8 months before I got the surgery. This was never work related at all. Being contract we do get the option to have short term and long term disability. Both pay 60% of your normal pay. I have received a few checks and just this week found out they are paying me the remaining $$$$ they owe me. I have been released to go back to work Jan 14th, 2013. That release letter was faxed to my provider and generated the pay. Today's doctors world is like an offensive line blocking the quarterback (the doctor) with those hateful greeting that allow you to press 8 numbers then to find you can only leave a message. Trying to explain to the machine doesn't always sound the same when a human finally gets it and thus the red tape, the hold ups. But I have no reason to get an attorney for something I clearly did away from my work place. For as getting paid on time. They will eventually get it if your willing to stay on hold long enough. My real job title is Sr Projects Estimator. I estimate the cost of chemical and refinery plants and sit behind a desk 98% of my time.

I would still like to hear about anyone that is recovering though. I'm headed to aggressive therapy now and at 56 in Texas it's raining and my hand hurts like all get out. Hope this gets better.


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