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[QUOTE=Aussie100;5119903]Hi, you really need more testing, a neuro that knows what he/she is doing would do an emg to test the larger nerves and a skin punch biopsy to test the small fibre nerves.
A nerve conduction test alone is not enough to get a full picture of your problem.

Aussie.[/QUOTE]Hi Aussie,
Is a skin punch biopsy the same as when he took a needle with the electroydes on each group? He did not remove any tissue to biopsy it.

This neuro is friends with my current neuro and was clearly upset that I was there. I told him, I only came to see him because he offices with the MS specialist I only wanted to see. But his office wanted me to see him first. I did not want these additional tests but thought if I cancelled the tests, it would further cause him upset and may not get into the MS specialist.

Now, these last few days, my left leg is worse and I am having cramping in both calves and behind both thighs. Just standing for short periods is causing major squeezing in left thigh. Plus over the last two days, I clearly have plantar fascitis again in both feet and can hardly step on them. Two years ago dx with plantar's in both feet and this feels the same with the exception of severe itching at times and the open sore feeling on outer sides of feet and now this open sore feeling is running straight across of bottoms of feet about an inch under the bottom of toes which I did not have before. I don't know if I should go back to a podiatrist and if they can see nerve damage besides plantar tears. Do you know?

My husband thinks I should stop all of this testing and call it an MS thing. But as I told my husband and this neuro, all I want to do is find out what is wrong and what I am dealing with, wouldn't he want to know if it was him.

Thank you for your post Aussie. I value your opinion.


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