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[QUOTE=toledomax;5117164]For the last year and a half or so i have been experiencing worsening pain in my feet and legs. It started with numbness and tingling in my toes and feet combined with hyper sensitivity on the tops and bottoms of my feet. Putting socks on was enough to put me through the roof. Sheets rubbing against them is terribly painful. It gradually worsened to the point that i was unable to sleep at night. Nothing seemed to help. I dont have insurance so i wasnt able to treat or find the cause of the pain. I attributed the pain to my ankles being sprained continually in my younger days. In my teens thru my latter twenties i played alot of sports. Being young and bullet proof i didnt think i needed to wait the 6-8 weeks the Dr gave me to heal and would be back on the court 2-3 weeks after spraining an ankle. I did this probably 8-10 times per ankle(maybe more).
Presently i am experiencing the aforementioned along with horrible aching in my knees calves and thighs. At the same time im experiencing a terrible burning pain from my thighs into my feet. The worst being in my feet and knees. The best way i can describe the current foot pain is imagine your feet being shocked continually with low voltage. Burned from the inside out with a hot iron and so sensitive a feather touching them makes me want to scream.
On top of all this i have been having severe nausea/weight loss for about a year(lost 40lbs).
So i finally went to my mothers Dr and he diagnosed me with irritable bowel syndrome and peripheral neuropathy in my feet and legs. He prescribed two medications. One of which i assumed would be for the pain(the only real reason i went to see him after all). Sadly they were both for the ibs. I was in so much pain during the appt it completely slipped my mind that i should have to ASK for pain medication. Common sense and all that jazz...
I had an emg done the friday before xmas. Again assumed i would hear from my new Dr and prescribed something for the pain, silly me. Two weeks after the emg and many nights of suffering later i call my Dr. After five calls and the office closing, nothing. The next day after calling twice im finally prescribed neurontin for the nerve damage in my feet/legs. The neurontin helps the shocking pain but doesnt touch the burning aching pain. So relief continues to elude me.
At this point im done with this Dr. I now have an appointment on Feb.8th to see a new Dr. Ive also got an appt on march 14th to see a neurologist.
If youve stuck with me through all of that i applaud your patience. So to wrap up the novel. I need advice. What can i do to cope with this god awful pain? Im using compression socks and elevating my feet as often as possible which helps. When the pain is unbearable my cousin is kind enough to give me a few percocet. Which i despise but they at least take the pain away. Nothing like feeling like your on a emotional roller coaster in order to be pain free.
Any and all advise is greatly appreciated.[/QUOTE]I agree, you are finally on the right track on seeing a neurologist. For your burning pain, as I learned here, go out and purchase R-alpha Lipoic Acid and take 100 mg a day. It takes three weeks to get into your system but it will help the burning pain you describe. It won't take it away completely but it does help it immensely.

Also, be your best advocate and get online and read all the information on PN and nerve damage. At least you can learn what causes it and learn what other tests that may need to be performed to get a definite answer.

I am a little confused on not getting your EMG test immediately. What type of doctor ran the test? My neurologist ran this test along with a nerve conductor test and gave me the results as I was sitting there.

You can also go through the posts here and see how many people here experience similiar pain that you describe and their dx what caused it.

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