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Thank you for the words of encouragement everyone i think i was venting more than anything after re-reading my post.
I will give the R-alpha Lipoic Acid a try and keep my fingers crossed ty for that. Im not sure what type of Dr ran the emg tbh LasVegasgirl. Again i was in so much pain during the test i just wanted to get out of there and try to find some relief. I was given the impression that it was more to exclude a slipped disc or nerve damage in my lower back than anything? I have tried to do as much reading as possible in regards to PN and understanding it. I have read that vitamin deficiencies can also be a common cause along with diabetes.
airskypony i appreciate your advice and i do try to make the best of everyday but it sure can be difficult. Im learning to cope with it a little better as time goes on. Im finding that pain has a sneaky way of changing your personality without your knowing it.
captinsane1 im new to having to take medications of any kind so this is a pretty big learning curve for me in regards to the way Drs view patients and prescribe pain medication. I just assumed there would be a medication they would prescribe like they would for a headache or nausea and all would be right in the world again. Apparently i couldnt have been more wrong. After much reading i understand how drug abuse has turned most Drs into extreme pessimists with virtually anyone in pain. Particularly with people that dont have obvious injuries. Being that i havent seen a Dr in 7 or 8 years makes it even worse.
Since my first post i was able to contact a friend of the family that is in medical school. He said that the first thing the Dr should have done was have blood tests run to eliminate the most common causes of PN. But because im uninsured he likely didnt order them for fear of my not paying. So he simply prescribed meds for the IBS and ignored the PN pain until the EMG was done.
Well i guess volume 2 is completed. Again i appreciate your advice and encouragement. I hope you all find some relief.

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