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Ever since I gave birth to my daughter 9 weeks ago I've had issues. I'm having lots of muscle spasm in my neck and back. Then strange swelling on my cheek bones, with the back of my head becoming very tender, and shooting pains to my temples. Then started the tingling from my scalp to my face with numbness.

My ct scans, brain MRI, blood tests have come back normal. The doctors tell me it's anxiety. I'm not so sure. But I'm sure anxiety makes it worse.

Now I've had a few episodes starting with an upset stomach, then burning nerve pain starting from my temples, down my back to my arms. This causes muscle spasm in my neck and back and a lingering pins and needles feeling in my arms, upper back, forehead, eyes, temples and some sciatica pain in my right leg that is mild.

I'm also very dizzy, like I'm on a boat. All the time.

I find it very hard to care for my baby. :(

Right now I'm on zoloft (started 1 weeks ago), flexeril, ibuprofen, lorazepam as needed until zoloft kicks in, and nortriptyline (started yesterday).

I'm not sure what I have or why. I had pain in my epidural site that went away and came back, but doctors don't think that's the problem. My Neuro isn't very helpful. :(

Does anyone have similar symptoms?

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