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Re: Sfn and ?
Mar 2, 2013
[QUOTE=ladybud;5140563]I have lupus, RA and myositis. My thighs ache all the time, especially at night. I think there could be muscle inflammation contributing to it even when my CPK is normal. I also know it gets way worse when my Vit D level is low. I would ask Dr to check your Vit D level and supplement generously if low. I also take Vit B12 and folic acid for neuropathy, and it is much better. I wasn't low on those levels, but supplementing them seems to help. An antiinflammatory like a NSAID may help your thigh pain as well. It is worth a try. Anything that helps even a little is worth it! Low iron can cause leg pain and restless leg syndrome, so checking the iron and ferritin levels may be helpful too, supplementing if on low side.[/QUOTE]

Hi ladybug, thank you for replying to my post. you sound like me, I also have myositis, uctd with features of scleroderma, Hashimotos and also a very rare disease hashimotos encephalitis. So it is very hard for my doctors to sort out my symptoms of what is coming from what disease. It looks like you may have the same problem. I take Vit D on a bi weekly basis of 50,000 I use to take it daily then once a week now down to every other week because like you said I have worst leg pain when my vit d is low. I am now being tested for vit b12 and I believe with your advice I will supplement over the counter even if it comes out ok along withthe folic acid. How do you tell ladybug between the pain from the myositis and the neuropathy pain? My legs always hurted too for years climbing stairs, going up curbs, but his is a burning sensation. Again thank you so much for answering my post it really helps me. thank you susie

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