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Hi guys, I am looking for any info or advice. Please =)

Here are my symptoms:

*Headache (in the back of my head)
*Right arm numbness, burning, and constant pins and needles feeling
* neck pain( mostly around c5-c6) more dominant on the right side.
* When my arm has the burning sensation I get slightly dizzy and nauseous.
* Shoulder falls asleep

Here is what happened:
I was in a car accident last August(2012) in which I was a passenger in a car that was rear-ended.

About Me:
In 2009 I previously fractured my c6 but got it resolved(i never had surgery, but I had no problems until now). I am only 23 years old, and healthy.

* Had x-ray ( showed nothing)
*Had CT ( everything was clear)
* had MRI (neuro said "nothing jumps out at me"- but muscle knots and spams were visible.)
* Went to PT the first 5 months after the accident- no improvement.
*taking 3 flexiril (10mg)/day- no improvement
Had a EMG/nerve conduction study( no pernament damage was reported)
*Have not returned to work and have been taking it easy

My neuro has told me to start tapering of my muscle relaxer as he feels that it will take time to heal, or could be a chronic condition from here on out for me. My primary care doctor agreed.

I am still having all the same symptoms, still in pain, and I am told that it will take longer for "it"-(whatever "it" is) or this is how "it" is going to be. I am hoping for advice on how to manage the pain/weakness, what to do, what could be happening or going on, or just any info or advice in general. I was going to apply to nursing school last fall until I had the accident and now my life has been put on hold and altered. Please share any info you know or any advice, it would be appreciated! =)

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