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I was diagnosed with Meralgia Paresthetica in March, after my second left hip surgery to remove benign tumors (Synovial Chondromatosis). During the surgery, my Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve was cut, resulting in the Meralgia. I have the constant pins & needles about 2" deep in the upper left thigh, along with intermittent electric shocks, fire sensations, and the feeling like there is a log in my leg. I then developed a different type of tumor in my knee which was just removed because my knee kept buckling, preventing me from rehabbing from my hip surgery. At times, the pain is so bad is so bad, that it keeps me awake. I couldn't tolerate gabapentin, but Lyrica helps, although it packs on the pounds! I take a lot of others meds for other reasons, and they also probably help, but prevent me from using other therapies; as do my allergies to aspirin and NSAIDS. Percocet is my only salvation. I hope to GOD the powers that be, DO NOT prevent us from patients, who REALLY need it, from obtaining this amazing drug! I understand what you are going through with this. It is much worse between 7 pm - 9pm for some reason, when I get random fire sensations and shocks. Heavy cold packs seem to help, along with with constant elevation. I am going for a consultation to have a lateral femoral cutaneous nerve block, as a trial before having an ammonia ablation of that nerve. My consult is on January 15, 2014. I'll post updates.

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