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[QUOTE=SimSims;5168131]Hi Terlin how are you today ?
Can you remember when your tendon issues began ,did they start around the time the other symptoms showed up ? , If so Firstly I would suggest you obtain a full list of the fluoroquinolone antibiotics which are on the market , then look back in your medical records to see if you were prescribed any of them around this time and I would suggest looking maybe up to a year previously.

If you have been prescribed any of these drugs and you have had all the tests and everything else has been ruled out then it may be worth broaching the possibility of fluoroquinolone toxicity with your Doctors , however be prepared for them to become defensive and reject this possibility out of hand as most Doctors are completely unaware of how dangerous these drugs are.

It may be worth being tested for Lyme disease , however the testing for lyme is extremely unreliable ,the two step ELIZA test which Drs class as the gold standard is worse than useless , It is not meant to be used for diagnoses it is meant to be used for surveillance purposes only , lyme disease is meant to be a clinical diagnoses,again Drs are often completely unaware of this fact (scary world we live in ! )
If you decide to go down this route try and get tested via the IGENIX lab .

Tendon problems now and again can show up in lyme disease, however my own stance regarding this is that as fluoroquinolones are sometimes used to treat lyme, I feel the tendon problems may be caused by this fact.

Some of the other symptoms which can arise due to fluoroquinolone toxicity are:

severe and unrelenting fatigue /weakness/ spatial awareness issues.
Twitching ( fasciculations )
Chronic unrelenting insommnia which can go on for years ( I have not slept more than 4 hours a night for coming up to two years now, and nothing seems to work )usually you have problems getting to sleep somewhat resembling a circadian sleep disorder. I usually cannot sleep until 3am and I will be awake again by around 6.30am .
vision problems.usually a vast increase in floaters these are usually permanent,
pain on moving your eyes, ghost images.
strange photophobia type issues ,I have to wear sunglasses indoors at night to watch tv weird or what !.
various cognitive issues ,brain fog ,executive function issues.
peripheral neuropathy is very common and myself i believe this is a class effect of all the fluoroquinolones .(as your skin punch biopsy is borderline it may be an idea to have this repeated in a few months time ) .
there are many many more symptoms .
you usually feel as if you have had a bomb go off inside you.

I do experience the sore very tender skin and often clothes really bother me ,there are times when i can't even bear a sheet on me in bed .
hugging people is definitely off limits for now .

Do you experience any of these other symptoms ?

Please keep an open mind as to what could be causing your symptoms ,as I am not medically trained,and obviously unable to diagnose anyone with anything . my views and opinions regarding the above are mine and mine alone .[/QUOTE]

Thanks I had that test you mentioned for Lyme and I was on cipro just before my hernia surgery with mesh. A month later I started have incomplete bowel issues with painfull abdomin above incisions. Docs said I had a non relaxing anal sphincter. So I went through bowel retraining with biofeedback things gut worse. At that same time the pain I had in my feet progressively got worse spreading up the legs , and now head face arms and hand.then this head presure and strange hissing in ears that alters sounds for instance silverware hitting plate is very iratating and loud voices the same. I feel like I'm falling when walking and body feels heavy and weak. Eyes get filmy and very sensitive to air temp can never get comfortable. Lost spelling ability as you might see and memory problems like a second ago what I just did. No concentration. Dr. Drs call it anxiety I know it's more than that. I see if I can get another Lyme test like you mentioned. Just like to get some life back thanks

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