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Totally disgusted
May 18, 2013
About for months ago i started having numbness and tingling in my finger tips.gradually it spread to my whole hand.then the numbness and tingeling started in my toes...gradually that ends up all the way half way past my knees.however my feet and fingerrtips are in constant severe feet feel like i have the stuck in a blazing fire and my fingertips feel like i am wearing about 3-4 pair of surgical gloves that are too small and when i touch anything...such as typing feels like an electric shock.back in april i had been hospitalized for anemia(somehow i had lost 3/4 of the blood in my body).i did however tell the doctors about the numbness and tingling cause at that point i had not yet had the pain.also i was dealing with severe muscle spasms and muscle cramping.they treated me for the spasms(soma) which was wonderful...didnt experience any muscle spasm or cramping while on those.also while in the hospital, was diagnosed with severe anxiety and was put on xanax. they basically told me..."first you need to get a pcp, and also need to see a neurologist."well, being on medicaid i have found it is difficult finding docotors who will accept my insurance.however i did find a pcp...i go see her and ....oohhh nnoooo!...this girl couldnt have been but 25 years old and probably just graduated medical school.however...i explained my issues to her(at this point i had the pain in feet and fingertips).i tell her what the hospital gave me(xanax and soma) and also asked about pain meds to try to at least alleviate some of the would have thought i was asking her to install a demerol drip in my or something..."oh my goodness, all of that has the potential for will have to see a neurologist (which by the way...i figured out on my own by doing research and had already made on appointment with a neurologist,which i have yet to see.appointment is not til next week)and also a pain specialist to deal with the pain...oh and a psychiatrist to deal with your anxiety"uummm..okay..then exactly why do i need you! "she did however put me on visteril supposedly for spasms and things had me so jittery they actually made my spasms and anxiety worse so i stopped taking, i figure...okay...let me find a pain specialist who may be able to help me at least til i can get to my neurology appointment.explain everything to him and he decides to put me on 900 mg/day od neurotin and baclafen for spasms.i told him the hospital gave me somas and i knew they were the best thing for my spasms.he didnt even wanna hear it.okay so..i start on those meds...which was just last far the neurotin is doing nothing and the baclofen had me sick as a dog.besides making me extremely jittery, i was hugging the toilet bowl for three hours, was extremely dizzy,and had severe muscle cramping.needless to say..those thing ended up in the this point i am just so disgusted with all of them.i just feel like every single one of them are passing me off to someone else...'well go see this one for that,and this one for that,and this one for that...."i am 43 years old...i know what works for me and i know what doesnt and it really makes me angry that some of the doctors out there think that just because they went to medical school that they know what is better for me.NOT! i am so sorry for the ranting but i too have one of those husbands who just does not get it.he does not get how much pain i am in constantly.all i get out of him is ..."get up and walk it off" wth??!! i am so hoping that once i get to this neurologist next week that maybe at that ponint i have a doctor who actually listens to me and is able to help.i've read a few of the post on here about some of yall going to a neurologist and them kinda dismissing you.i just can not continue living this way anymore.i have a son who i am missing out on everything because when him and my husband are out having jazz fest and different festivals around here, i get to sit home because i could not walk around for hours at a time...i'd never make it. well, thanks for letting me release some of my frustrations.if anyone has any advice for when i see this neurologist i would appreciate maybe specific questions i should ask or maybe meds that have worked for you to deal with the pain and spasms.

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