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Have you had test's for Fibromyalgia.
My friend had some of your symptoms with this.
If all your tests are coming back clear maybe a course of medication for anxiety might help.
You would be surprised at the amount of health conditions anxiety can cause.
May I ask what is the reaction of your family to your many symptoms, have they offered any advice,

Solofelix.[/QUOTE]Docs can't find anything so they call it anxiety but . I do have severe pain in the pelvis and hips down and
Lower abdomin. I have a non relaxing sphincter which makes it difficult for a bowel moment , and with the leg and foot pain everything tightens up. But that dosnt tell me why my head face arms and hands are numb and burning whole body feels heavy and loss of equilibrum and all these other strange things there is body wide burning and icy hot feeling somebody has to have this! Have you heard or what does your docs say
[QUOTE=janeappel;5188255]dear terlin, please ck into neopathy nerves ect....brain disorders,my doc does not understand my numbness and the pain i feel when i touch cold/warm/hot ,sometimes ifeel so painful when i take a shower and then i cry,.jane Catherine,[/QUOTE]
Been dx with hiatal hernia and gerd I have this sucking in feeling drinking any thing seems to suck to back of throat and down can't really taste anything food does the same lower gut is bloated no muscle any body have this sucking in feeling throat seems to tighen and its hard to breath my upper gut is sunken in nobody believes me please anybody post here to tell my family I feel like my colon is backed up and sucking my stomach in hard to control my hands. Please help nobody believes me they say it's anxiety
Cant we're regular clothes they hurt

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