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Just wanted to post my experience. Was having significant numbness and tingling in right pinkie and ring finger, did the electrical test, which indicated ulnar nerve neuropathy and CTS, with some muscle atrophy. I had no idea I had CTS. Had both ulnar nerve transposition surgery and CT release on my right arm and hand on June 18.

Went into surgery at 11:00 AM and was awake by 12:30, left for home by 1:00, they did a nerve block and twilight anesthesia. Went home in a heavily bandaged splint. There was essentially no post op pain, nothing that could not be easily handled with a couple of ibuprofen. Splint removed after 1 week, pretty much full range of motion. Stitches removed after 2 weeks. No rehab prescribed, PA just said to use normally. Only problem I have from the surgery is the scars are still fairly sensitive, I wear a pad on my elbow.

The numbness in the pinkie and ring finger is still there, though I can tell it is ever so slightly better, but my doc said it may be months before I notice any significant difference. The ulnar nerve was significantly compressed. Will post back up after several months and let folks know how it is progressing, if any one is interested.

After reading all the horror stories just wanted to post up my experience.
9 weeks post op, still little improvement in the pinkie and ring fingers. The CTS hand numbness is gone, but the hand is still noticeably weaker than my left but getting better. Both scars are still sensitive, which is basically more of an aggravation than an issue. I have returned to a normal routine, nothing limiting.

All in all getting better but slowly.

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