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My message was pulled off because I quoted a source.I am not familiar with your particular strain of neuropathy. I have hereditary peripheral neuropathy - in my feet and lower legs - loss of sensation and it is progressing upward - I also have trouble with balance and it is difficult to walk with pain in my thighs. I now am having symptoms in my arms and hands

I would suggest you keep a daily log of symptoms, what they are and where they are located - It helped me to give doctors an idea of how my body is impacted.
Secondly, neuropathy is an unpredictable random appearing disease --- don't expect others to understand - that was the hardest thing for me to come to grips with.

Track your meds (if you change), stressful times, - any trigger. I urge you to keep reading and finding names of new therapies and read the Mayo Clinic and Neuropathy study results. When you find a particular place or dr (and no doctor knows everything - search till you find the doctor for you) you feel comfortable, bring your histry and journal. It can make all the difference in the world. The Article I quoted was from the Cleveland Clinic - you can go on line and get the Cleveland Clinic studies and reports on neuropathy. It was a good article! I didn't know about quotes not being allowed. Sorry

I wish I could offer you more, but never mind what others think - it is your body and pain and you need to keep looking ...... I made a number of drs angry when I quit them and looked elsewhere when they didn't really help or understand ....again do what is best for you. You can also go on line at sites where they encourage people to ask questions -- maybe you will find leads there. Granted it is a lot of work and no one person seems to have an answer that fits you, but keep looking and questioning. Elizabeth

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