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[QUOTE=daisymaegrl;5203748]Hello Steelworkerblue
I am so sorry that it is so bad for you. This diagnosis seems to be pretty life altering for all of us. Sometimes it can take a long time to actually get a diagnosis.
I have SFN too with all of the same things as you, walk with a cane, can't work. It has been 8 years since I started with this pain.
I went to two neurologists who said exactly the same as you were told in that sad, helpless way. Pain management was where I was headed but was told by the last neuro to keep checking back over the years to see if anything new in treatment had come up.
You have my support and best wishes. Lots of us here live pretty good lives despite the pain. You have to adjust to this new life which isn't easy. Be kind to yourself, get lots of rest and hopefully you have family and friends that are understanding and supportive.
Please let us know how you make out at the Cleaveland Clinic. I hope you find some help there!!
Best wishes
Daisy, a fellow sufferer, taking it one day at a time!![/QUOTE]

Hi I am a newbie here but I have been reading this board for a long time. I have had Peripheral Neuro for 10 years. Initially I was treated with Neurontin and then Lyrica to alleviate the excruciating pain in my legs but as I adapted to the pain over the years I also had to stop the drugs due to it affecting my personality. The pain had become about 30% of what it was in the beginning so I could cope but had to walk with a wheeled walker and sometimes 2 sticks.

All of a sudden 2 weeks ago I had excruciating ,almost unbearable, pain in my lower back when I woke up and that continued for about 5 days and as suddenly as it came it disappeared and the pain in my legs tripled and I almost couldn't walk at all.

Today I went to see the Neuro . He hemmed and hawed and fussed about my legs and gave me a few tests and gave me some new medicines which I never had before . Its called DEPAKENE and then METHYCOBAL .( The latter I gather has the same value as Caviar!!!!) . My purpose in posting is that in reading about the former , Depakene, the possible side effects are so onerous that it scares the hell out of me....Has anyone had experience with these? Do they work? Something's gotta give as I can't go on like this!


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