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[QUOTE=jb413;5204065]Can anybody relate to these symptoms I am having. If you can, have you found a diagnosis or relief? (note that I have very good vitals and blood tests)

Emergency rooms and my PCP have given up and have no clue. I have been to numerous specialists but all tests come back good....

Nervous muscle spasm twitching in area behind ear. This causes severe neck pain and head pain.
Whole body nerve pain and numbness
When I try to walk fast or do cardio, I start shaking and breathing hard. Feel like me heart is going to explode.
Tension causing vocal tics that are uncomfortable physically and socially.
Problem breathing and swallowing. Seems like forced breathing, feel like my body forgets to breath. I have to remind it. This seems to worse driving .in cars. Shortness of breath. Dizzy.
Chronic Fatigue all the time. Muscles are sore and week. Dizzy.
Pain all over my body in my muscles and bones.
Extremely tense muscles all over my body.
Sharp pains in all over my mid to lower abdomen and back. From lower ribcage down.
Loose breath on exercises greater than 100BPM.
Sever memory loss. Difficulty with complex mental tasks. Brain fog.
Overactive bladder. Urinate 10-15 times a day.
Occasional bed wetting.
Eyes are sensitive to light - Pain in my eye sockets....
o Optometrists and Ophthalmologists found nothing wrong with vision. However there was some dryness. They could not prove sensitivity to light and eye socket pain.
Ears are sensitive to loud noises which makes me irritable and tense.
Skin is sensitive to the sun.
o I avoid the sun when I can. But I feel like my skin is burning.
o I get skin sores and rashes on a regular basis.
Body feels like electrical current is running through it.
I randomly throw up my food, no pain associated.
Body twitching
Sensitivity to clothes. Only able to wear cotton.

nail biting
constant gum chewing
Very little exercise because of these conditions
The pain and suffering is slowly breaking me down physically, mentally, emotionally
Bit my tongue and mouth twice a week.
burning sensation throughout my body
limbs get cold and numb.Tinkling

Wow and I thought I was the only one, I have a lot of your symptoms, I can't tolerate jeans very sensitive to clothes. Lower abdominal pain and bloating shortness of breath , does it feel
Like you can't breath with your lower abdomin? Or feeling like your abs are tightning ? I have small fiber neuropathy and other idiopathic nerve disorders, have you seen a neuroligist? I also have some cognitive impairments going on or may be becaause of my meds, let me know!

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