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I am hoping to revive an old thread that talked about this issue. I am hoping that WorriedMommy76 and GraceOlivia are still around to give me some advice and would welcome any advice from anyone else. My son (age 6) is having random stinging sensations or pins and needles feelings all over his body. Sometimes he also describes them as bubble feelings, like a bubble going through his body in a specific area. They occur mainly when he is still (sitting or lying down). Not sure if he is just not noticing them when he is active or if they occur just when he is still. They happen very frequently, about 10 -20 in an hour. They occur on his head, ears, chest, arms, groin, toes, pretty much everywhere. We have talked with his primary/GP physician about it and she said that she had too little info to go on to make any type of diagnosis. I have a call in to her for a referral or further advice. She seemed unconcerned and said that maybe he was just really in tune with his body sensations. I think there is more to it than this. In the past our Dr. has been very knowledgeable and helpful in all situations, so not sure what to think with this. He is also having pain when he urinates. We have had 2 UTI tests (about 3 weeks apart) and both were negative. It only hurts while he is urinating and at different intensities at different times. Goes away about 5 seconds after finished urinating. This may be unrelated, but thought I would give all symptoms that he is having. Thanks so much for any advice!
Update. We have been to a neurologist and she found nothing. Did a blood test and said his iron stores (ferritin) is low - 22. Said it could be causing the problem. Been on iron supplements about a week and so far no difference, if anything he is having more pains. She said it could take 2 weeks for the iron to kick in. It is almost constant pain for him because the stings are coming so frequently. Just not sure that iron is the problem, he has no other symptoms of an iron deificiency - not tired or pale, etc. Anyone have any other ideas?
you may want to have his b12 checked and also have a Electromyogram (EMG) and Nerve Conduction test done to check for nerve damage

good luck and god bless
Thanks cocoa100. They did check his b12 and it was fine. I will mention the EMG and Nerve conduction test at next neuro visit.

Over the past few days he says the pain feels like it is more burning and sometimes a deeper ache feeling.

Called Dr. and she still says that low ferritin could cause this. His ferritin was 22 and they like to see it above 50. From my research 22 seems to be normal?
Sorry - double post for some reason?
Got this from webmd a site I trust. Would seem your child is in the normal range but very low.

Men:18-270 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) or 18-270micrograms per liter (mcg/L)
Women:18-160 ng/mL or 18-160 mcg/L
Children 6 months to 15 years:7-140 ng/mL or 7-140 mcg/L
Babies 1 to 5 months:50-200 ng/mL or 50-200 mcg/L
Newborns:25-200 ng/mL or 25-200 mcg/L
CampFireMommy, did you did out what your son had? How is he?

For low iron, I saw a different (feeling better) the same day of taking supplements.

I'm also interested as I have an undiagnosed pins and needles and now burning. Loss of feeling too

If your doctor is still now worried, what about The Children's Hospital?


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