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I recently enlisted in the Army and decided to start working on my push ups. While doing this I began "hyperextending" my elbows when I became tired. This led to my ulnar nerve becoming irritated or inflamed and causing pain during the "pushing" portion of the push ups. I quit doing push ups right away and decided to rest for the rest of the day. As of today I am able to do my push ups (paying close attention as to not hyperextend my elbows) and I'm relatively pain free but I can still feel something. I'm not having any numbness or tingling in my pinky finger, but when pressing the area just above my elbow facing my body (I'm guessing this is where the nerve is located) it causes a slight amount of pain (the other arm doesn't do this). So I'm assuming its still slightly inflamed. I've been reading up on these injuries and from what I've gathered if its not too bad a simple week long rest should get me back in gear, is that true? Also I have to attend PT tomorrow which will without a doubt contain push ups, any advice on how to perform them without putting so much strain on this nerve? Oh and one more question-- is it likely that I'll have anymore problems with this nerve after it heals as long as I quit hyperextending my elbows (worried about this showing up again in basic training)?

Thank yall.

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