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Re: Neuropathy
Oct 5, 2013
[QUOTE=Lance2010;5227388]My mother has been experiencing pain and tingling sensations in her feet and legs up to her knee caps (her legs also jump around in her sleep) for about 4 years now. Every year it appears to be getting worse and none of the doctors seem to be able to make anything of it. She takes 16 300mgs of gabapentin a day and takes vitamin b12 supplements with little to no improvement. She has lost her ability to drive and be independent, as well as her ability to just stand and balance. She uses a walker to get around and her doctors only seem to be prescribing her pain killers or fentynl patches that make her sleep a lot, but nothing to reverse the damage or even help her maintain quality of life. I love my mother to death and each day i die a little inside watching her go through this. I will never know the pain she deals with on a daily basis, all I can do is look at her poor purple and blue feet and could only imagine. Some days she has a great attitude, and other days I can sense she just doesn't want to live another day with this condition. It kills me when she tells me the only time she feels good is when she sleeps. I guess my question is has anyone found anything online or from their doctor that seemed to help them significantly? Or possibly have any helpful advice? I just want my mom back.[/QUOTE]
Hi Lance
Sorry you and your mom are suffern. Did your mom have any tests for her symptoms? Sounds like she may have Neuropathy (Nerve damage). Is your mom diabetic or was she diag with any other autoimmune disease? I was diag with small fiber neuropathy in 2012 by a skin biopsy. My started with pins and needles in my calves and burning pain under my feet. It has since progressed to my hands, arms, torso and face. I have it widespread. Ive had every blood test out there including 2 EMG-NCS, 2 MRIS of brain and spine. The Doctors are saying they can not find a cause. I am otherwise healthy and still like to walk and exercise, when I can! I am not overweight and always ate healthy, This Neuropathy came out-of-the-blue. I understand your mothers pain, altho my symptoms are diff then hers. I take 300 mgs Lyrica for 9 mos now and it helps a little, I still have a lot of buzzing and tingling in my legs and feel buzzing that travels to my head along with bad tinnitus! I never had ringing in my head and ears before all this started. along with burning skin and stinging burning feet and toes. Was your mom checked for Neuropathy? sounds like she may have large fiber Neuropathy. Sounds like the an "inherited" type of Neuropathy due to her skin discoloration, weakness and numbness. Blood work should help identify a cause. Chronic pain can make pple very depressed. I am dpressed and miserable because of my pain. I feel like no one understands what I am going through. I want my life back too.
Please keep us posted,
God Bless you and your mother , you sound like a very loving and caring Son!

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