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[QUOTE=teteri66;5234434]How long ago were the MRIs? Were they ordered by a spine specialist (either a fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon or a neurosurgeon who limit their practice to necks and backs)? Have you seen a spine specialist regarding your current problems?

It would seem that you still have some nerve compression going on...despite the conclusion that the MRI appears clear. It has been my experience that when there is radiculopathy, there is a reason for it, whether it shows up on MRI or not.

Axonal sensorimotor polyneuropathy just means that the nerves that provide feeling and those that cause movement are both affected. It is affected the legs and it is moderate to severe. What does the neurologist say is the cause of this? I would assume you must have some nerve compression somewhere....

If you have been allowing the neurologist to manage your case, I would encourage you to get an opinion from a spine surgeon.

It is impossible to say whether this situation will remain the same or worsen. If it is radiculopathy, it will not get better until the nerve or nerves are decompressed. The longer a nerve is compressed, the greater the chance the damage will be permanent.[/QUOTE]

Hi thanks for the reply and advice. The MRI's are very recent ordered by my neurologist who says "sometimes there is no answer" his recommendation is to deal with it and he prescribes the Lyrica which does help. I am seeing a neurosurgeon and he does not see anything in the lumbar MRI he did not see the cervical MRI which was done last week. MY NS seems resigned to the fact that it is peripheral neuropathy and not his department. I now have a pain management doctor who appears very good he is doing an epidural on the 31st and he has agreed to prescribe the oxycodone 10mg 4 times a day. I feel pretty good with Lyrica 300mg twice a day the oxycodone and cymbalta 30mg twice a day. My pain meter is about a 6 which is bearable. My feet are still numb and I occasionally stumble from hang foot. We will see what the epidural does. Thanks..

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