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Hello all! Hope you can help me with some advice before I see a neurologist/physical therapist. I just want to get informed from actual people who have similar experience as mine before I face the doctor.

So about 3mos ago, I fell on my outstretched hand resulting to a broken ulna bone. I then received surgery about 16hrs later. After the surgery, my hand had lost sensation, was really numb and tingly, the same feeling when your foot falls asleep. Worse, I couldn't extend my fingers, they were all bent and very stiff. One of the doctor's said that the numbness & tingling will subside in a week's time. It didn't though.

It's been 3 months now and my hand is still 'asleep'. But there's one improvement ---- the numbness is gradually decreasing and I can now feel some parts of my hand when I touch them, like the palm, thumb, pinkie, ring finger, forefinger (except the tip), palm side of the index finger except the tip, the wrist, and about 80-90% on the back of my hand. They're all hypersensitive.

I still can't extend all of my fingers and the muscle on my thumb and between the thumb & forefinger has wasted away, including that of the side of my palm.

My surgeon told me a month after my surgery that my ulnar nerve was damaged during my fall. My fracture was comminuted and parts of the bone damaged my ulnar nerve that it was almost cut off. I asked him that if it was the ulnar nerve that was damaged then why is my whole hand affected? His answer was not clear --- he said that 'maybe the other nerves were also affected' and 'maybe I'm different from the book'. This got me all confused and frustrated.

I decided to just be patient and see what happens after 2mos until our next appointment but when we went to his clinic last week (2mos after the last appointment/ 3mos after surgery), he was out performing another surgery so we never get to talk.

I did my own research and came across Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This had me almost loose my mind. I don't wanna go thru another surgery!

So my question is: Is it possible that I have CTS? I myself is doubtful that I have one because of the fact that the sensations on my hand, wrist and fingers are coming back, albeit hypersensitive. Also, when I flick my forearm with my fingers, right at the fracture area, I get tingling/electric shocks on my fingers. Does this mean that the nerve damage is actually in my forearm rather than in my carpal tunnel?

Looking forward to all your responses! Thank you!

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