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So , I work in fast food, which is fairly repetitious. I noticed Oct.2 that my right pinky and ring fingers were numb when I woke up. I couldn't shake it off. So I call hubby all freaked out and he said call clinic. I did, and was told to go to the ER because I had a migraine the day before and that it could be TIA. NAAAH! I went to work, where I made it worse. Following morning, I go to the ER because my hand was ice cold, 4th and 5th fingers are numb and pins and needles and its spreading up my wrist. Was told it was parasthesia and likely from the ulnar nerve and it should be fine and go away within the week.SO...went to work again. I worked for a week or so and on October 11 I saw my physician thinking ok its not better , and she put me on 2 week total rest of the right arm. I did. Not better! Went back, she applied for worker's comp and then gave me another 2 weeks off ( which ends the 21) and I'm still not better and finally got workers comp and they are expediting the tests and surgeon consult. Scheduled to go back to work on light duty Friday.

Ok so here's what I'm feeling : My hand is so weak. Fatigues easily. It's ice cold. Not always on the outside but on the inside. Pinky gets so numb inside it is sore ( if that makes sense) and I cannot make a star with my right hand. The elbow itches a little and is sore but manageable. Mostly numbness and weakness.The sensation in my 4th and 5th is really dull or minimal. that extends up the side of my hand until just past the wrist bone potrusion (sp.) with use I also get the pins and needles but it feels more like squirming inside my pinky. My ring finger is okay i guess, somewhat numb on the side that touches pinkie. With exertion the tip goes numb too .

I don't feel comfortable working, especially 8 hours. What have you all done as work is concerned and what did doctor say were your limitations ?

I am waiting on Nerve conduction and to see the surgeon ( dont know if he'll do it )

No one has done anything but give me time off and tell me to use Advil and voltaren!!!!

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