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I have been experiencing stinging and burning sensations everywhere in my body since July 2013. I get these pains at night or day, while resting or working, in my arms and legs, feet and hands, back, behind my ears, in my groin area, and around my rib cage.

In March 2013 I had a viral illness for a few days and extreme upper back aches. Since then, I have had pain on my lower cervical spine/upper thoracic spine. It feels like there is a heavy object pushing on my spine. The muscles around it ache and it feels worse as the day goes on or with increased activity. There are days when all I do is nap because it's the only way to escape the back pain. On a couple occasions, I have had swelling on my spine. My neck ROM is significantly decreased.

I went to an orthopedic physician in July originally with the intention of figuring out the cause of the upper back pain, but the neuropathic pain started just a couple weeks beforehand, so I explained both to him.

List of things I've done so far:
CBC, CMP, TSH (thyroid), B12, Vitamin D bloodwork
nerve conduction study upper extremity
cervical and thoracic x rays
cervical MRI
heavy metal screening
Igs and Lymes bloodwork

No answers yet; doctor wants to try NCS lower extremity, bone scan for my back, and possibly MRI of my head to rule out MS, cancers, lymphoma or lesions

Has anyone else had experience similar to this or have advice? The pain is getting unbearable and I have school and work to get through.

Much obliged.

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