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I've had problems for so long but will keep this simple...

I had problems as a child growing up, unexplained headaches, nausea, fatigue. But it came & went.
I had the breath knocked out of me 3 times as a child. One of the times I had bad upper back, shoulder, neck & chest pain the lasted a few months. Then about 6 yrs ago I wrecked a quad. I bounced my head off the ground & remember thinking thank goodness I'm wearing a helmet. For the next hour my boyfriend (now husband) drove us home. I didn't know Who he was, who the people were that were with us (my parents), if I had medical, if I had kids ect. After atleast an hour & almost home thinks started coming back to me. I didn't have insurance so refused seeing a doctor. I was beat up pretty bad too.
I did have a back injury 8 yrs ago at work & being the good employee I went on light duty & didn't get it checked out till 2 weeks later when I was losing my job anyways.
4 yrs ago I was Diagnosed with degenerative disk, arthritis & mild scoliosis which I already knew. 4 yrs ago I had my 3rd child. I couldn't recoup. Never recovered. Back pain I'd managed for yrs got worst. Then neck pain started. Full body pain. I always hurt sooo bad. Also severe fatigue among many other symptoms. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. But my pain never goes away, I never have good days just better days. I get severe headaches. My neck pain always the worst. Deep achy burning. At its worst it's like having a toothache in my neck that goes into the back of my skull & into my lower jaw. The pain sooo uncomfortable. Luckily my pain meds do help & I always know it'll get better. I couldn't live like this if it didn't... Anyhow, I have to lay my head down most of the time or pain is worst or I get headaches which are horrible. Vomiting has been so bad that it got to be where I was sick easily 5 days a week. When I get sick nothing stays down, I get so dehydrated. I've been on Propranolol which had helped so much! My previous doctor thinks it was migraines but she retired & now my new primary says it's just fibro headaches. But bone of this is normal! I've seen numerous doctors & tested for everything. I had a MRI about 2 yrs ago with no lesions. My long term Rhumetologist is worthless so I'm seeing a new one. She thinks that fibro ranges from mild to severe & I'm just on the severe side.
Also, activity makes pain & fatigue worst. Even just 2 mins of exercise. It doesn't take much of anything & I've over done it. Pushing through makes me worst. I always have to rest which takes days or even weeks to recover alittle. Stress like arguing with my husband will cause pain & fatigue to get unbearable & sometimes make me so sick. If it weren't for the propranolol I'd always be sick. I never eat much but still overweight so I don't think doctors take me serious enough. I can throw up all day & still look healthy with color to my face & everything.
Numbness I have I think is from neuropathy. My joints swell, swollen glands, dry mouth & eyes, head pressure, ect.
I had an MRI a couple yrs ago, nothing showed except a nasal polyp I guess.
I don't know what's wrong with me. I don't deny fibro or neuropathy but I feel there is something else going on...
I'm supposed to get an MRI of my neck. I had an xray last year which showed nothing. I have been wanting an MRI of my neck so I agree with it.
Sorry so long!
My point... I found out last year I have Nueropothy. I had a nerve conjunction test about 3 yrs ago & he never told me. My husbands uncle have neuropathy & he explained that what I thought were muscle twitches & jumping are actually my nerves. Also that the nerve pain I get, shooting pain is also the neuropathy along with the burning feeling I get in my bones. Prob more problems I have but with so many issues...
Could Nueropathy cause the severe deep neck pain I always have? Could it cause migrain like headaches, vomiting, ect? I have so much muscle & joint pain also, does it contribute to that?
I brought up the Nueropathy with my new Rhum but we were more focused on the whole picture & didn't want to tackle Nueropathy I guess...

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