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I assume you work at a desk? If so, elevation of your legs would help with the edema. There are very small folding stools for that if your workplace allows such things. Of course it's awkward to turn your upper body to the side to do the desk work. Just depends on how worried you are about the edema. (Personally, I don't worry about it overmuch, considering it to be more a cosmetic issue than anything serious, and the best remedy is walking... but that's hard to do with foot pain and burning.)

About the burning sensation, I'm glad to see that others have recommended bags of frozen peas. It's truly amazing how long they stay cold!

As for overall pain, I've found that hydrocodone works best for the lower extremities. However, as much as I like the palliative effects, the danger of addiction and increased dosages to maintain the desired effect is so high that most physicians won't prescribe it for very long. And that's probably a good thing. The mental "happy pill" effect is artificial and usually requires ever-increasing dosages. Might as well be on crack.

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