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I have had it on and off since 2005, bad burning/freezing cold sensation in thighs and burning feet and now hands ..all of this happened in 2005 did every test possible w my neuro and ruled out Ms, lupus etc. finally went away for 9 months to come back yearly for a few weeks ..usually when it turns cold ...then abates.. very strange stuff, now in 2011 and 2012 it did not come around at ALL. Now this past November 2013 it is back full force..and has been here since and getting worse its in my hands now and fingers are numblike sensory if off on my entire body again...the weird thing is when i'm in the cold my thighs are FROZEN solid and my shins r warm and feet feet heat up and turn red and hot to the touch nd legs get so cold take a long time to get back warm and it feels like I have icey hot all over my body...I am wondering if tanning in a salon can cause this? I tanned all these yrs too...and a lot the last yr..Idk? Please if anyone knows what this could be...I see a new neuro tomorrow and I Hope there are some answers, my pcp did blood work my Iron is a tad bit low but that's it no b12 def, nothing no I have to start all over w tests.. Unreal.
Thanks, if anyone has anyyy info please respond..why would it go away and come back is this normal???????????? Thanks, LM

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