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Hi Mariner403,
I have neuropathy in feet, and after one fall, I started doing balance and feet strengthening exercises. Within a short time, my balance became really good. Balance exercises not only strengthen the muscles in your toes, feet, ankles and legs, they help reteach your body where it is in space.

Falls are a common and serious problem for people with feet neuropathy. It's important, too, to wear shoes with good support, like shoes with laces. Wearing sandals or old slip-ons are going to make it much more likely to have a fall. They let your feet slide sideways, which can throw you off balance.

I also had vertigo(?) for a month after one night of sleeping on my stomach with my head turned sideways. I felt it was probably a pinched nerve. Felt like walking on a boat in choppy seas; had to hold onto things or be close to a wall. A week after I'd started taking vitamin B complex, the vertigo went away. How strange is that!

As far as balance exercises, you can get a referral to physical therapy; you can also look at balance exercises on line.

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