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I'm a 41 year old female and about 2.5 months ago begin feeling strange "electrical" like sensation in my right toe, in fact, at first it felt like a worm wiggling...I know...creepy, but it did....soon thereafter, I starting feeling this electrical like pain flickering, then the right foot became numb and everything repeated on the left foot, next my hands. It has been about 2.5 months or so and I have seen a neurologist who took 14 vials of blood and I have had a brain MRI, both were negative. It is my understanding he was ruling out metabolic diseases/disorders as well as MS with the brain MRI. I still have to have my EMG/NCV on 5/22, I can't wait to find out exactly what nerve damage has been done and hope to have more answers as to what type of nerve fiber is damaged. His initial impression of my symptoms, which I will expand on in a minute is Sensory Neuropathy. I have so many symptoms, it's ridiculous. In addition to the electrical, intermittent pain flickering, I have numbness, comes and goes, coldness to my toes, extreme muscle aches in my calves and my forearms. I have weakness and have noticed my strength is changing, it is getting worse, I drop things all the time and I'm stumbling all over the place. He also noticed a tremor on my initial visit and I'm pretty sure I failed the Rhomberg test because I couldn't stand still without putting my foot out to catch myself from falling with my eyes closed.

I'm dealing with all the pain without anything at this point, I'm grinning and bearing it, but it is becoming very unbearable. I have a very high pain tolerance and cannot take the Gabapentin that he has prescribed nor any narcotics, I'm allergic to them. In the meantime, I'm trying anything, hot baths, heating pads, ibuprofen. There is only small, I say again - small relief with these methods. I called today to see if the dr. could call me in some Lidocaine patches or something like that. I haven't heard anything back, just getting so frustrated because the pain is getting to me. It is hard to explain to people what is wrong when they look at you, when you "look" fine, but the inside is a mess. My muscles will feel very shaky inside and just ache and ache and I also have patches of burning throughout my whole body, mostly legs and arms, but torso really is awful! I'm still working my regular 40 hour week and have 3 kids, my husband feels like his hands are tied and doesn't know how to really help me, but he is sympathetic. In fact I'm starting a new job next week, which I am excited about, the timing just isn't that great, but it is a great opportunity for me.

Anyway, sorry for the long post, I'm reaching out so that I can speak with people who are going through this to have some support and hopefully find some remedies that some people have tried.

Any suggestions on pain relief aside from the Gabapentin or narcotics (no offense to anyone taking these, I just can't personally take them), would be appreciated.

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