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Thanks so much, I'm so glad you found this doc. I do have some questions for him: first a quick update: the pain and burning was getting so bad the doc called in nortriptyline, I couldn't take nor the gabapentin, for major personal reasons I don't want to take medication and felt very uneasy about it, so I decided to go outside the box a little and went to see a respected acupuncturist. I've never fine this before, she told me that I have had chronic acidosis for many years and basically created all my ailments with my diet, mind you I don't smoke or drink or do drugs. I believe there is some truth to it but not sure if I caused all the problems: think about it: my gallbladder removed, I have interstitual CYSTISIS, RLS, and now sensory neuropathy, could this all be my fault because my body had become so acidic it had been leeching the minerals needed from my bones to correct it's own pH! I had the acupuncture session and she have me some herbal pills which I looked up every ingredient and they are antiinfllammatory and for kidney/liver problems, a detoxicant, she said I was on my way to kidney stones! I'm blown away and don't know what to make of it! The session did lower my pain levels, not eliminate it and the burning has come down, all symptoms still ther but lowered to mostly tolerable. I've been eating a more alkaline diet and while not cured, feel some relief, but is this temporary or what ? I still have muscle weakness, fatigue, pain, etc. can you ask doc about this? I don't think they normally look at the bodies pH. I think this is temporary but the eating change can only help!! Any thoughts or suggestions on this??

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