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its a lidocaine hydrochlorine jelly and the voltaren is a gel. i apply the lidocaine first because it seems to numb it then i apply the voltaren. if you can while at work use the frozen peas to help with the burning they stay cold longer than you think. i know what you mean about your feet and working i work too and at the end of the day i can bearly walk or stand because of the pain. the name for the Keppra is (levetracetam). i also tried Lamotrine, Amitriptline, Nortriptyline, cymbalta and Tegratol(carbamazepine) for the nerve pan. you will have some trial and error before you find one that work iam still looking so be strong you can do it i know you can and good luck
I am sorry to hear that your in all this pain and the tests provided no answers. I was in ur shoes a year and a half ago. Same symptoms and same tests and same answers-we dont know. At this time I was also seeing a pain specialist and they had no answers either. Both my parents had recently past and they said it was "all in my head" go see a psychiatrist. I was so upset, because they ran all these tests and were happy to run up a bill and when nothing else could be done, they basically threw me out like yesterdays trash.

I Found a new neurologist and six weeks ago had a spinal fusion. I tried Gaba twice taking 3200 mg a day nothing, Lyrica made me swell so bad gained twenty-five pounds in a month ( my hands. face & legs were so swollen scare), cymbalta, savella,and even the anti-depressers nothing. So basically I am on pain meds because the nerve blockers didnt work for me. Right now I still have the pain in legs, arms and hands, i have to wait to i recover from the fusion to see if this helped my nerve problem as well. I would see another neuro doctor,or RA doc. wellness and even a pain specialist-even though no narcs for you, they have alternatives. It doesnt hurt. I have learned you are just a number in the healthcare system and at doctor offices. Find someone that you feel will help you and dont stop until you get the answers. Believe me I know how horrific this pain is.

I wish you all the best... I am also a newbie-1st post......

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