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Hi everyone, thank you Frank for your detailed information. Do you or anyone reading this happen to know if the stimulator could also work for nerve pain in other areas---such as the abdomen?

I had bariatric surgery in 2008 (5'6", weighing in at 300 lbs., now back up to 120 lbs., but lowest was 103lbs.---very scary) and have had a multitude of complications stemming from the original surgery. Ultimately I have had my gall bladder removed, had an open exploratory surgery that was supposed to have reduced adhesions (this is not believed at this point), and after seeking other opinions had a para-esophageal hernia and a mesenteric hernia repaired. Unfortunately, due to long delays in getting the large hernias repaired, I now have nerve damage to my stomach and intestines. My intestines no longer work properly, so I have to take medication in order to absorb vitamins and minerals from food, plus I take so many different vitamins in pill, liquid and injection form its difficult to keep track. All of my hair fell out and it is just starting to grow back. (I have not had a period in over 3 years, even though I shouldn't be menopausal yet.) I still have chronic double-me-over abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting even with taking OxyContin continuously and Percocet's for breakthrough pain, Neurontin for the nerve pain, Zofran and Promethazine for the nausea. And it is believed at this point that waiting so long to have these corrected has created a domino effect of other issues, many of which seem to be neurological or autoimmune based. The doctors are not completely certain if some of my other issues would be occurring now if I had not had the bariatric surgery or if these would have happened anyways, but I am now battling lymphedema, peripheral neuropathy with numbness in hands, fingers, feet and toes, and radiating pain down arms and legs, shooting/severe chest pains, depression, anxiety/panic attacks, insomnia, sleep walking, central sleep apnea, and double vision. I was just recently diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy after having blood work, CT Scans, MRI's and EMG's. They discovered 2 bulging discs in my neck and 2 bulging discs and 1 collapsed disc in my lower back, but don't believe these are causing all of the symptoms. My recent blood work showed a positive ANA and a speckled titer, so I'm not sure what their next move will be or if they will want to see me sooner (I got the blood work results from the automated system from the hospital). I see a neuro-ophthalmologist on the 28th of May, then they want to repeat blood work after completing 6 weeks of B12 injections, and I go back to see the neurologist on July 10th. I see my pain specialist monthly, so wanted to know if this is something I should mention that might help?

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