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I'm hoping some people can give me some honest answers as to what to expect moving forward.

My father in law was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy last year. (Chronic alcoholism was the cause) In the last few months, his condition has rapidly declined. He can not walk more than a few steps, he falls every day, he has lost significant amounts of weight. He has had so many falls and serious head injuries that he has knocked out almost all of his teeth, has required 23 stitches in his face, and has scrapes and bruises almost everywhere.

I have searched the internet with little success. What I want to know is what to expect moving forward. Will the condition keep declining until he is wheelchair bound? Amputation? What is the life expectancy for someone in this condition? What is the normal cause of death for someone with neuropathy? I am worried that he will have a bad fall in the house and we'll just come home and find him one day, dead from a head injury. Others have told me that it is much more likely that he'll go into renal failure from malnutrition and he'll be hospitalized for a long time.

My brother in law thinks he'll be gone by next chirstmas, while others have said that he's likely to live much longer, but have a very poor quality of life. (He's only 71 now)

It's also worth noting that he seems to be in some denial about his condition. He continues to drive, drink alcohol, and refuses to use a walker, despite having one in his home.

I'd love to have some honest feedback about problems to anticipate moving forward.

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