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I have nerve pain in my abdomen that causes feeling of fullness & constant bloat, not to mention severe pain.
In April, I suddenly developed burning pain in my feet, hands & back. It feels like my feet are being attacked by a blow-torch. I have lidocaine patches stuck to both feet, top & bottom. I am prescribed 2400 mg gabapenten & 10/650 percocet 5 X per day as needed. My doctor said I am very low on B12so I am getting shots once per week.

I have had a very difficult time coming to terms with "new normals." I've been a chronic pain patient for years (been on percocet since 2000) but nothing compares to the burning, hot-needle, tingling, itchy effects of neuropathy. It is worse in my right foot which I broke last year (4 bones).

The numb sensation causes my feet to feel "heavy." My fingers go numb when I type.

I have appt. to see a neurologist on 9/5. I am scared he won't be able to help me. I cannot take Lyrica--side effects were excruciating.

PCP thinks I have peripheral nerve damage throughout my body. I guess the neurologist will run tests? What if everything is normal??

I just want to not be in pain every waking moment. The constant bloat sensation in abdomen is agony.

The loneliness is almost worse than the pain. I feel like I have burdened my (few) friends & family. If I had a serious illness, maybe people would care more. But it's "just" pain. I can't live like this for the rest of my life!!

Can someone give me some HOPE??!! Thank you.

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