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Hello, I was diagnosed with idiopathic SFN one year ago. Lots of tests including MRI and they all showed negative or normal. Even an EMG showed normal nerve function.
My symptoms include warming/burning sensations in feet, legs, hands, arms, and even in my back. My feet are the worst with alternating cold and hot with occasional sharp stabbing pains, a little bit of numbness, and just plain old soreness. Like Tyler and Cocoa I don't like shoes. I only wear them to weddings, funerals, and in extremely cold weather. My work requires shoes but I get away with wearing sandals most of the time.
I suspect that stress has played a big part in my condition. It makes my symptoms worse and I went through 3 years of fairly intense stress before my first symptoms appeared.
After 7 months I finally gave in to taking medication. Gabapentin at 1800 mgs a day. It took 5 weeks to build up to that dosage and I did not feel any relief until week 5 when I hit 1800. For about 5 days I had significant pain relief and then the pain came back, although I think it's still helping a little bit. I have since gone to 2400 mgs a day, the maximum my doctor says I can have, but it didn't seem to help. I think I'm going to do what Anwise did and back off and give it more time at a lower dosage.

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