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Hello. I have had SFN for 8 years. My SFN was caused from exposure to organic solvents which I encountered in my job as a chemist. I was dx with SFN after a epidermal biopsy of my thigh and ankle. I have constant numbness in my feet to knees, hands to elbows, and face. I also have the other pains that you described. My SFN has been stable for the past 4 years b/c I have learned how to control my meds. I take 400mg of Lyrica but can take an extra if I am having a bad day. I also take 75mg of Nortriptyline and a monthly B12 shot. On two occasions I have maxxed out on Lyrica and it stopped working. We have found out that I have to titrate down off of the Lyrica b/c my body adapts to it and it stops working. I have had to completely come off Lyrica twice for a couple of weeks but then start back at lower doses and it starts back working. At times I have really bad muscle spasms due to the nerve being over-excited to the muscle. My neuro adds a third med when I am having these spasms. Once I was removed from the harmful environment, the SFN has not progressed. I have migraines and Asthma but no other health problems.

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