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Hi!!! Am sorry to hear what you are going through - I have had the PN since 1995 and over the years, have found no relief with the same medications you are taking.

I don't know what triggered your condition, maybe the surgery or a fall.............Mine is genetic and now that I have diabetes, it is difficult to figure out what is going on each day. I also don't know your age.

I am 72 and have no feeling in my feet - the pins and needles, the muscle pain, impacts my balance and my mobility. However, the first thing I will suggest, don't try to figure out each day what is going on with your body. It will drive you nuts!!! I would think I had one thing under control, and the next day it would be something else. Now, I will tell you what I have done and am doing to deal with the pain and everything else - first thing you have to know, it involves exercises (which can be painful in the beginning as the nerves and muscles have deteriorated - also when you start walking differently to compensate for the pain, all the old muscles sort of relax, and the new ones you are using are not happy about the new workload and they rebel.

I am determined to walk decently again and I never expected that at my age me or my body would forget how to walk properly. First you need to watch your posture and depending on what kind of back surgery you had, you need to get a Physical Therapist who is cognizant of the ins and outs of neuropathy to show you how to progress. Stretching your feet tendons and ankle muscles is an easy way to start and you can do that in bed.

I worked with a PT and my body did not respond to the normal exercises, so WE adjusted them (and this work with a PT means a team effort - you know what your body can and cannot do and the time. Maybe you can call the Neuropathy Association for a referral.

It isn't easy or fun to have to do these things, but for me exercise is giving me less pain and more control even though it can be slow and frustrating.
What used to be so easy, like standing with two feet on the floor and not losing my balance - it takes effort for me to do that now. But I am getting better at it -- you have to be consistent at least every other day and vary the exercises.

In my case, for some reason that no one understands, my leg muscles get very tight at night (you should see me try to get out of bed without a few leg stretches, - no way I can walk a straight line. The muscles tighten up after I have been sitting for a while also.

I hope some of this info helps - and if you have back problems (which I have also) you have to get YOUR own set of exercises and routine. There are simple things like going up a step (not too steep) and coming down with each foot and keep increasing the time as you can - also a great one is using that step and going up with one leg then bringin the other up and then reversing the sides.

You need to get angry enough at this condition to defy it and fight it - you may not get 100% but you will know that you have made a positive difference for you and your life. God's Blessings and will keep you in my prayers:angel:

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