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I am REALLY hoping some of you can shed some light on what is going on with me. First off, I am an almost 37 year old female. This started on December 17th at work. I got a bad pain in the left back part of my neck and it went up into my head a little. And pain down my left arm and tingling in both hands. The pain in my left arm lasted a little over as week then eased up, but the tingling continues to progress. The tinghling has now gone into my head, face, feet and today it started in both legs.

I initially went to a family doctor to get checked. He ran labs and we found I am very deficient in ferritin still (been struggling for years) but otherwise his exam went fine and he referred me to a neurologist and I had that first appointment yesterday (3 weeks later). I saw an APNP and she says she doesn't see any "red flags" and from what her plan is, I gather she seems to think it is a neck injury. She also told me I am deficient in vitamin D which I am quite certain the other Dr didn't tell me. So her plan is this: 50000 iu of vitamin D once a week for 12 weeks (along with the ferrous sulfate I am already taking for the ferritin issue), I start weekly physical therapy for my neck on Monday, and I have a cervical MRI sheduled for next Thursday.

I am just scared. Very scared. I have no idea what is going on in my body with all this tingling.

Any words of wisdom, encouragement and advice is greatly appreciated!

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