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Hi there,

My Dr. tried to repair my broken humerus with im nail but when he tried to insert the locking screws, he wasn't paying attention to where my radial nerve was and the drill bit partially severed my radial nerve. I immediately had dropped wrist and fingers. MRI confirmed the damage the next day and he got a nerve Dr. to repair the nerve two days after the first surgery. He reattached 3 fascicles. Some fibers were lost and not reconnected I think.

It has been 1 month post-op and nerve conduction test showed connectivity but with depleted signal. It could just be the connectivity of the intact portion of the nerve though. There seems no way to tell whether the severed half is recovering.

If anyone has their radial nerve severed before, is there any sign you can tell whether the severed nerve is recovering? Do you know of any other ways to help with nerve regeneration? Other than taking more vitamin B? I did some research and seems like low frequency electrical stimulation could help and I have been doing that. I am just not sure if I am doing it the right way.

I am also thinking whether I should try acupuncture. I really want to do anything I can now to avoid a permanent disabilities. Please share any info you might have on enhancing nerve regeneration.

Thanks a lot.

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