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... like pain. Pain can come with effort, touch, pressure, or spontaneously. ... (2 replies)
... tuation can call for this or not, but some people get things like steroid injections to try and help with the pain. I would ask your doctor about other kinds of pain managment options and see what is available. ... (2 replies)
Finger tingling
Dec 9, 2009
... inflammatories, pain pills when needed, and Skelaxin. Also, have had epidural steroid injections in both areas. ... (0 replies)

Sharing my case
Feb 10, 2010
... It continued to weird numbness, tingling, burning sensations, pins and needles, water in my toes, you name it. ... (0 replies)
Sep 26, 2007
... My right hip has been pins and needles numb for maybe a year. My legs from my butt,thighs,calves, ankles,feet and toes. ... (2 replies)
New to Forum
Jun 26, 2012
... A few months ago I started getting pins and needles in my right foot. Very strange would be alot one day and not even feel it others. It subsided after some time but eventually started up again. ... (2 replies)
... there is a slight vibration feeling when I am still. If I shake my hands for 5 seconds or so, my hand up to my forearm will vibrate for about 30 seconds. THe pins and needles feelings in my hands has subsided significantly, however it is still there occassionally. ... (3 replies)
Need a lifeline
Jan 7, 2011
... On Nov. 4. I passed out on the couch and awoke with a migraine headache. I took a Vicodin first but the pain progressed. I took an Imtrex. I felt bad all day. ... (2 replies)
... thoracic outlet syndrome (3 replies)
... I have the feeling that my arms and hands don't 'feel' like they use to. Sometimes i wake up in the night and the 'feeling' is even worse. It's like when your arm is asleep, but only very very slowly wakes up again but then not completely. No pins and needles sensations involved though... ... (3 replies)
... and the pain has improved to just needing ibuprofen, still some swelling and impressive brusing. But the nerve seems very irritated, lots of pins and needles, somewhat related exactly how I have the arm, but it is always there. ... (5 replies)
... r MS it took over 3 months to diagnose. It is never nice to be sick and even worse when there is so little that can be done about it, I wish you lots of luck and pain free days. ... (1 replies)
... id my surgery for dequervains tendonitis. I have been going for physical therapy, modifications such as not leaning on my elbow, wear a brace at night to keep my arm straight etc. There have been no improvements. ... (1 replies)
... d like I usually do only to fall down when I attempted to step on my right leg. My right leg was completely numb, paralyzed whatever.... it was like a noodle. No pins and needles, no feeling at all or muscle control. It took about 5 minutes for my leg to start coming back. My entire right leg was very sore for the next 2 days. ... (5 replies)
... As a matter of fact it is now in 3 limbs. Started in my left arm about 3 years ago. ... (38 replies)
Sep 27, 2007
... in my elbows. I mostly ache all over. I feel like someone has punched me in the upper arm, and kicked me in the the butt. My legs are not numb but on going with pins and needles. It is most sore in the morning when I wake up it is awful trying to use my arm to get up in bed. ... (2 replies)
Your experience
Apr 9, 2010
... could help a lot of us. All of my symptoms are worse at night except for the bottom of my feet hurting to walk that is only in the morning. I have sensations of pins and needles and numb areas in my feet and left hand and forearm arm. Also bugs crawling and that can be anywhere. ... (1 replies)
... i have had tingling in hands an feet for 2 years comes and goes...i found that low b12 was the cause of mine and now take monthly injections...nervve damge from arthritis can also cause tingling...i don't believe it is anything to worrry about but you could have your doc check your b12 (6 replies)
... I don't think it's gone away, but it has reduced a lot from the first day and weeks. At first all I could feel were pins and needles, and I felt pain in my arm and hand like when you hit your elbow wrong and that strange burning pain travels up your arm. ... (6 replies)
... shortness of breath, bruising, pins and needles, bowel issues, cramping, joint and back cracking, tiredness. ... (4 replies)

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