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... Hi Marcia, and Thanks so much for the info..I am in so much pain and discomfort, I also think it may be auto-immune cause I also got SHL ( sudden hearing loss) in my right ear 2 yrs ago for no reason, they say it is idiopathic of unknown origin..they think a virus causes it. Who knows..I am now afraid I have auto-immune stuff going on and if this is the case I wanna know cause... (13 replies)
... Hi.. I started having severe neuropathy in my hands and feet about 4 years ago. I'm 44 now. My symptoms came on very suddenly and felt as if my hands and feet were thawing after severe frostbite, and on top of that being paper cut all over. I have had 3 epidodes - the first two each lasting about 2 weeks. I went to doctors toward the end of each (rheumatology, neurology )... (13 replies)
... I have Bad burning in hands, legs, feet and it all came on suddenly this past march, I'm wondering if I have some auto-immune thing going on, I have an appt w/ a neurologist on oct 11th this upcoming month and I'm a bit scared.. anyhow...My pain comes and goes, Very very odd actually!! Is this normal that one min it can be totally good then Boom its back a few hours later Bad... (13 replies)

... immune disease is? ... (9 replies)
... I have Autoimmune thyroid disease, Hashi's and I have just been told that I have Autoimmune ovarian failure. My peroids started to get so close every 14 days, after that I missed for 3 months.... and that how it went for 2 years, I stared to feel so unwell all the doctor would say is that its stress!!! Well 6 months of going to the doctors getting worse, I got told it... (13 replies)
... well hello. so how did your appointment go.... my symptoms come and go like the wind as I SAY i have had problems with my thighs since may 28 and before that for a yr attacks of massive painful pins and needles in my calfs and legs.. i have been through every blood test for autoimmune stuff and it for the most part is normal. except a test for salivary glands that showed... (13 replies)
... Unfortunately, spinal problems can give alot of different symptoms--as well as disc symptoms. I got bad nerve damage in my left arm from the disc compressing a nerve (oops said that) and it was shooting pain and numbness all the way down my arm from my neck. Tingling, numbness, all that stuff. Plus if you have arthritis in your spine it can cause alot of pain. I... (9 replies)
Something new !!
Aug 22, 2012
... I have been following news on a very exciting drug called BL-7050 which is being developed in Israel. I decided to email one of the leading experts(Israel) in the world on the subject of PAIN with a question on BL -7050 and how far out this drug may be and how impressed was he(Dr. Devor) with this new med. First of all I couldn't believe he actually responded, they're usually... (1 replies)
... I am going to a Neurologist--first was there for a spinal disorder and sent to a neurosuregeon for a surgery as a disc was compressing a nerve and now he suspects neuropathy also. He is doing Nerve Conduction Testing on me, an upcoming EMG (recording of electrical activity in muscles), and some other test later this month that I forget what exactly it is. They also do a... (9 replies)
Sfn and ?
Mar 2, 2013
... Hi, I have one symptom that you are experiencing and that is the thigh pain. About a year ago, I experienced burning in both thighs but then the pain got so bad in my left thigh that I forgot about the right thigh. It is constant, never leaving me. After standing, walking or bending I get cramping and pinching in the left thigh. I have the same thing occuring on the... (29 replies)
... hello, i was recently diagnosed and we have not foun the cause. my md thinks its an auto immune disease or something, but no such cases are in my family. ... (3 replies)
... I have been suffering from neuropathy in my lower extremities for 10 years and have tried everything there is TWICE. Just found out I have a auto immune disease but still testing to figure out which one. ... (9 replies)
Sfn and ?
Mar 8, 2013
... (29 replies)
Sfn and ?
Mar 7, 2013
... Susie, Just reading your posts makes me feel better as you understand. For now, I will continue to work because we need the money and my husband really does not understand how bad I am feeling. He is in so much pain himself and I think he thinks his pain is as bad or worse than mine. But he does not realize our type of pain and the fatigue it brings, especially when you... (29 replies)
... Hi there. MS patient here who originally came to this board a while back because I wasn't convinced that everything I was experiencing was due to MS. I'm still not and neither is my internist so my next step is to see a neurologist (already see an MS specialist). I would definitely recommend that seeing a general neuro is a good place to start. Mention any pins & needles,... (13 replies)
... I have read a lot of notes from lots of people on this web site with very similar symptoms. But I see where none have been checked for MS. Maybe everyone needs to ask their doctors to check for it. (13 replies)
... Maybe I should see a Rheumy. My Neurologist has not helped. For over 2 years I have been trying to get a diagnosis for my problem. My arms and legs are weak, predominality Right Side. I was having severe neck pain for years. Thought this might be the culprit. Had Neck Fusion Surgery in Sept 06. Neck is better, but weakness is progressing. I have fallen many times. Luckily, no... (13 replies)
... immune disease of unknown origin. 3 years now. ... (12 replies)
... immune disease of unknown origin. I've been fighting this for 3 years. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks all. I have so many many symptoms with my auto immune disease, that I think I tend to just quickly mention this stuff to my doctor, then blow it off as another weird thing with me. ... (12 replies)

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