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... I am not to sure what is going on with you, but i do know that alcohol is a neuro toxin and large amounts over time do drain the vitamin B out of one's system, vitamin B is essential for nerve support, in alcoholic neuropathy patients they are classicly low in thiamine especially, has any doctor tested your B1 & B12 levels ? its only a simple blood test, but keep in mind... (4 replies)
... Hi Linjean59, after reading that this neuro has not done any blood tests at all for you, then this neuro your seeing must be really useless, even GP's when going through med school are taught the very basic blood tests for suspected PN. ... (9 replies)
... It is only when the nerve cells are dead they can't repair, but if their hurting they are are still alive. ... (2 replies)

... Anything below 400 is suss for b12 deficiency, remembering that a serum b12 test only shows how much is floating around in the blood stream not the amount in the cells were it counts. ... (2 replies)
... Thank you so much for the information. My neurologist just tested me last week to check my B12 levels, so I will find out during this next week what they are. She said if it was low then I would be taking B12 injections for a bit. ... (20 replies)
... I am currently taking 2000 mg's of methyl b12 and a b100 mg complex everyday for nerve damage.. so far i only feel relief in my feet.I have yet to feel any releif in my upper extremeties!! ... (14 replies)
B12 Deficiency
Jun 17, 2008
... ng process may differ in different cases, some show relief early or others like myself have periods of flaring of symptoms then followed by lessening of symptoms for a short periods then followed on by on going of flaring as the nerves are trying to regenerate. ... (10 replies)
... If you are diabetic 2 and take metformin, I would also really consider taken B12 methylcobalamin as well, as the metformin depletes b12 levels which is critical for nerve health. ... (20 replies)
... strenght Tylenol every 3hours doesn't help or is good for the liver... ... (25 replies)
... and on meds for that yet as well as bloodpressure and heart and kidney problems so have to be careful. ... (29 replies)
... Hi, i am not really sure why nerve signaling can go erractic when resting, i know i had the same trouble myself and many others do as well. ... (29 replies)
... Hi everyone, thank you Frank for your detailed information. ... (16 replies)
... I miss spelled it alpha lipic acid 600mgs 2x a day.I take it for nerve pain caused by MS.Some take a 1000mgs of B12.And yes,its water soluable so it won't hurt you.Any brand GNC has a wide variety. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for the tip. ... (4 replies)
... Unfortunately, even with a good neuro doctor, I feel like we have to investigate a lot on our own. A rheumatology doctor might be good also. Mine said it can be caused by certain blood pressure medicines. Try to get as much info as you can from as many reputable sources as you can. Good luck! Sounds yucky! Mine isn't as bad as yours. I just have pain, mostly feet,... (6 replies)
... There are many of known reasons for nerve damage, B12 deficiency is often over looked, toxins, alcohol, certain medications, hypothyroidism, viral or bacterial infections and the list goes on and on. ... (6 replies)
... m sorry to hear about your pain. I too have some nerve issues from prior B12 deficiency but not as bad as you. ... (2 replies)
... is essential for nerve health so taking 1 to 5 mg daily of the form of b12 methylcobalamin is a good idea. ... (5 replies)
... I do a lot of reading on neuropathy for about 6 years now including most of your posts. ... (5 replies)
... I doubt you are getting too much B12 too fast. I get monthly B12 injections. From all I've read, there is no known amount of B12 that is "too high". ... (1 replies)

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