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... I was told by my doctor that my b12 tests came back normal. ... (14 replies)
B12 nerve repair
Aug 10, 2007
... Hi, it seems that B12 can lead to many different issues. ... (7 replies)
... given up on doctors but that is me, not advice of any kind. I can't eben wear socks at times as they increase the burning to unbearable hights. I started taking B12 none liver breakdone typr to offset some of the tiredness, has worked for me somewhat. ... (11 replies)

... Hello, thanks for the response. I am still considering surgery to remove the affected skin. I am however concerned it could make things worse, not better. I am hoping someone may have had a similar type of surgery and that they might chime in with the results. Here is a list of things I've tried to help with pain: -Neurotin 1800mg Daily -Lidocaine Cream -Lidocaine... (3 replies)
... em is that most docs will say that narcotics will not help at all. There are hundreds of people who will say yes it does. Don't hesitate to ask your doctor for pain relief. The Pain Relief Act was enacted to help people in pain. It is your right to have your doctor at least try to offer you some relief. ... (20 replies)
... Hey Nuff, Thanks for the tip. I do different parts of my body daily (push, shoulder, pull, shoulder, leg, shoulder) so hopefully my boy can heal up from that. I also heard things about how you work out your CNS everyime, so it's good to take more rest. Maybe I'll try that too. I just want my shoulder to heal, whatever it takes. (4 replies)
... I miss spelled it alpha lipic acid 600mgs 2x a day.I take it for nerve pain caused by MS.Some take a 1000mgs of B12.And yes,its water soluable so it won't hurt you.Any brand GNC has a wide variety. ... (4 replies)
... (11 replies)
... I describe my foot pain as walking on fire with needles and glass! Worse in AM and after rest. Also beginning in calves and at night can not sleep or awake from pain. ... (11 replies)
... Hi Wookienerves. Since this has had a sudden onset have you looked at your environment for answers. Anything that you are doing different on your job. Have you installed new carpet in your house or had any recent renovations? Alot of people forget to look at these changes as significant. My neuropathy was caused by my job so I just wanted to get you thinking about that.... (6 replies)
... As your neuro said, nerves do take a long time to heal unfortunatly, the only suggestion I have is some supplements that help the nerves heal. B12 methylcobalamin 1mg -5 mg daily 1 good quality multi B tab daily Acetyl-L-Carnatine -1 or 2 daily Alpha Lipoic Acid or R lipioc acid being the newer & much stronger one, it is both water & fat soluble and a great antioxidant... (4 replies)
... d and have suffered from numbness and tingling in my feet and half way up my calves for about 3 years. I talked myself into thinking I had a neuroma but then the pain started and I could hardly walk. ... (14 replies)
... m sorry to hear about your pain. I too have some nerve issues from prior B12 deficiency but not as bad as you. ... (2 replies)
... is essential for nerve health so taking 1 to 5 mg daily of the form of b12 methylcobalamin is a good idea. ... (5 replies)
... Thank you for your response. Hope your feeling well today. My B12 level just came back at 1280, so as you can see Im not deffecient. ... (4 replies)
... of physicians that seem to subscribe to the theory that B12 injections help promote nerve growth. ... (5 replies)
... a sign of a b12 deficiency, even taken strong statin drugs can cause nerve damage , but don't expect all doc's to agree with that, there are so many reasons for nerve damage its mind boggling, but its unbelievable that well known causes are ignored by lots of medical proffesionals. ... (9 replies)
... Thank you so much for the information. My neurologist just tested me last week to check my B12 levels, so I will find out during this next week what they are. She said if it was low then I would be taking B12 injections for a bit. ... (20 replies)
... Thanks for your response Lawkitty. I'm going to ask my Podiatrist to give me those B12 shots right in my foot where most of the pain comes from. They say B12 injections help promote nerve growth, well it makes sense to me that you should inject the B 12 right in the area of pain AND NERVE DAMAGE IS, I'm hoping my Dr. ... (5 replies)
B12 questions
Jan 28, 2017
... time 6 mounth after the first symptom, my nuero suspect Small fiber neuropathy so i do the test by a skin biopsy and the result was "Moderate reduction of small nerve fiber"... From then until now i search for the underlying reason so far no Answer. ... (0 replies)

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