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... B12 should help, but even if you are not deficient, B12 may help your neuropathy. ... (25 replies)
... Could anyone please tell me what you consider a safe amount of Vit B6. I have read over and over again on how too much Vit B6 can cause Neuropathy or symptoms of Neuropathy. ... (4 replies)
... m sorry to hear about your pain. I too have some nerve issues from prior B12 deficiency but not as bad as you. ... (2 replies)

... PCP said to take B12 vit. ... (22 replies)
... Piz, you are fairly new in this game. I ate everything that did not eat me yet neuropathy got me! I even made my own yogurt when neuropathy showed up. ... (4 replies)
... They just assume mine is neuropathy cause by the diabetes type 2 I was diagnosed with in 2011. My first issue was the pain in both feet. ... (13 replies)
... oxins, lack of B1, B6, B12, with b12 a score of below 500 is very suss by Japaneses standards, i keep my b12 level well over 1,000 by supplementing 1 mg daily of b12 methylcobalamin on a empty stomache, combined with a multi B as the b12 needs the other B's vitamins to work properly. ... (10 replies)
... mg daily, max of 3 x 100 mg can be taken......and yes, defiantly the prediabetes over who knows how many years caused damage to my nerves, as well as the low b12 did do damage to the large nerves. ... (22 replies)
... in the front part my feet, I was diagnosed with small fiber peripheral neuropathy in late 2014. After many blood tests, an EMG, etc, so far my neurologist has not found an underlying cause except possibly B12 deficiency. ... (1 replies)
... I'm pretty certain that all that has been checked but will look at that again. I failed to mention that I had a major neck surgery 7 months prior to the onset of this neuropathy. It was an Anterior Cervical Disc and Fusion. I had cervical discs removed from C3-C6, if memory serves me, I had a titanium (I think that's the metal used) plate with screws put in. It may have been... (35 replies)
... Hi, his gp can order a few tests, like B12 levels, toxins, diabetes etc the most common causes of neuropathy. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Leslie, Metanx is extreemly expensive for what is in it, I would consider just buying B12 methylcobalamin daily, purchased at a health store, , also just a multi B tab taken at a differant time than the B12, B12 needs the other B's to work the best. ... (3 replies)
... veins are blocked by cholesterol. What I am telling is I should not have experienced neuropathy problems. I am a kind of vegan i.e, I do not take any animal products. Very rarely I take some milk. ... (14 replies)
... Thank you for your response. Hope your feeling well today. My B12 level just came back at 1280, so as you can see Im not deffecient. ... (4 replies)
... neuropathy patients that are not happy unless their serum b12 levels are are around 2000, there are no toxic levels of b12, it is completely safe, some japaneze neuropathy experts give their patients mega amounts of b12, like 40,000 mg daily. they say any serum b12 level of under 500 is very suspicoius of b12 deficiency. ... (14 replies)
... Imagine how strange it was to discover all of the list of symptoms could be from a vitamin B12 deficiency. Do a search on B12 deficiency on a site such as the Mayo clinic, a reputable resource that isn't just selling useless solutions. ... (2 replies)
... The chronic lack of B12 can be treated by injections at regular intervals at whatever level you require to fully replace B12. ... (21 replies)
... I shall have to ask my doc for a vitamin B12 test. This seems to be a common trait among those with neuropathy. I am already on vitamin D supplement. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Marie: This is the first I have heard of the Metanx used by someone. My neuro gave me a prescription for that. It is really expensive and do you think it does anything? I take venlefaxine and Celebrex (I have arthritis too) as well as high vitamin D (I have been deficient in that with very low levels for more than a year). Thanks and have a good feeling day!:) (4 replies)
... a few weeks ago, not at my doctor's recommendation since my B12 levels are "normal," but because Aussie has said that maintaining higher than normal levels of B12 has helped him. I don't recall anyone other than you mentioning Vitamin C for neuropathy. Perhaps I am wrong on this. ... (34 replies)

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