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... I feel like very greasy or fatty fried food can make my pain feel much much worse. Sometimes I feel like even some juice can make it feel worse. ... (48 replies)
... After reading this entire thread, this is what I have. Burning pain that started under my left armpit and radiates along the T5 nerve front to back in a line. ... (48 replies)
... This is exactly what I have... Pain and tenderness in right flank into right abdomen and an uncomfortable feeling like its bloated on that side. ... (48 replies)

... male and have had flank pain on my right side off and on for months now. The last 2 or so of them have been none stop. ... (48 replies)
... oh my God, Amen..... this is exactly what I have been experiencing for the past month or so now. I feel the pain on my right side, just under my rib cage and it radiates to my back. ALSO, the pain worsens when I'm driving. ... (48 replies)
... I suffer from the same symptoms as many have posted here. Mine originated back in October 2011. I have had my gall bladder removed in 2007. ... (48 replies)
... (48 replies)
... For two months now I have had a persistent pain and discomfort in my right flank area. It hurts in my lower right back and wraps aroung the bottom of my rib cage to the front right side. It feels like a vice grip around my lower rib cage in front, or like a belt tightening. ... (48 replies)
... Seems like I have the same thing as everyone else here, pain in right flank, feels like being hit when pressed on. Same nausea, etc. Hurts most in bed and can't roll over from right side to back or worse yet to left side. ... (48 replies)
... O.K, lets see if we can narrow this down even more. Is this pressure tenderness right on the tips and where the back lower ribs kinda turn out? ... (48 replies)
... just diagnosed for this after 4 months of not knowing and passing out from iron deficiency anemia last week. You have Neuropathy flank pain and raiates from flank to mid back and wraps and tightens like a belt. causes insomnia due to lack of sleep from constant pain plus unable to sit or sleep.. ... (48 replies)
... Hello Cody. I have had pain in my sides and front torso for 4 years now. All of my testing has come back negative. The "super specialist" says it could be small fiber neuropathy but not enough studies have been done on it. ... (48 replies)
... Since May 2010 I have experienced the back pain you refer to and on consulting my doctor he said that it was osteo arthritis. ... (48 replies)
... I have that persistent pain in my right side. My pain is just below my ribcage in the back and does wrap around the side but is not in the front near rib cage. The pain is greatest below my rib cage on the side in the area where my arm hangs to the side. ... (48 replies)
... I wrote back in January that I have been experiencing this pain. It is now the middle of March and I still have no answers. ... (48 replies)
... Thank you for all of that information, I'm giving you a hug. Seems you and I are suffering from the same thing. Mine just happens to be on the right side. ... (48 replies)
... Thanks. I'm still having the pain and they are still running test. Next stop Colonoscopy. If we ever find out what it is, I'll let you all know. Thanks. ... (48 replies)
... and stretch my side out. This seems to help. I still have the "someone has punched me in the back ribs feeling"... ... (48 replies)
... I have pretty much the same thing, it can start anytime anywhere. I am careful about my posture, and what kind of support I have for my back. I have to take pain medication and muscle relaxers and use a heating pad and sometimes take a sleeping pill. It may be nerves which give me severe pain (muscle spasms). I don't have it all the time. I find that lying down on my... (48 replies)
... PS i think they should get us all together and do a bunch of testing and figure out what the hell this is!!! I'd let them cut me up as long as they'd sew me back up! it's ridiculous that we are all living like this with NO ANSWERS!!!! ... (48 replies)

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