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... i too have this!!! help! it is so annoying. Doctor dont think its any thing and have put it down with having baby 7 months ago and body getting back to normal, april (3 replies)
... Several times throughout the day I'll get a pins and needles feeling on one side of my back. Like when your foot falls asleep and when you wake it up it tingles like crazy. ... (3 replies)
... and I haven't been able to do it for awhile. I just started building back up to it with solo practice at home before I rejoin my group and it has made me feel so much better. ... (18 replies)

... a night, frequent urination, muscle stiffness and joint pain. I've noticed when I look down, am in the heat, or have my arms extended in front of me I feel the tingles more. If I press my skin and let go it makes them worse, and if I fan myself or have cool air blowing on me, I can mask the sensations. ... (3 replies)
... I wrote a letter to this Dr. telling him exactly how I felt after this appointment. I was not rude but to the point. He replied to my surprise, to please come back for an appointment to go over everything. ... (7 replies)
... well, I just want to cry. My coccyx hurts and instead of just my right leg aching as it does at night, my left leg is aching as well. And my low back hurts. Think I'm actually gonna break out the vicodin. Don't like that stuff and it doesn't really help the pain, but at least I won't care as much. ... (9 replies)
... l ask for a referral. I am sure at this point that many of my symptoms are permanent, I have had this for 9 years it would take a miracle of some sort to take it back to the previous state, this is why I don't expect too much even from the Neurologist. ... (24 replies)
... As my quest continues of whats causing my neurological and physical ailments which include burning and tingles in my right foot and cooling sensations down both of my legs for the past month I have gone through multiple testing which include EMG, bloods and MRIS. ... (2 replies)
... rheumatiod arth has the nodules and can cause all if this BUT i would encourage you to also research thoracic outlet syndrome (1 replies)
... anxiety medication. My most recent test was over a month ago which was an EMG and some auto immune tests that all came back clean. However, four days before my EMG things had gone to hell. ... (1 replies)
Help :(
Oct 11, 2004
... I don't even know where to start here! For the past 4 years I've had alot of problems.. muscle/joint pain, tingling sensations UNDER my skin (mostly in my back and rib area), increased sensitivity to certain areas on my skin (mostly my upper back), etc.. just alot of problems. I've been tentatively diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but alot of other things haven't been ruled out... (5 replies)
... my hands under cold water and it was really intense, the cold felt very cold. Super sensations all over my body. Working out the following days felt odd having tingles all over my back and legs. Caused from sweating and feeling the air. ... (6 replies)
... Arminoc, a sural nerve biopsy is a test for further testing as if your EMG tests come back normal this nerve biopsy will determind what else it could be, like small fibre neuropathy. They take a piece of the sural nerve, above your right ankle. ... (5 replies)
... the thing is,he was having all kinds of really strange symptms which included vertigo,brain foggyness and tingles in certain nerves. this all went away once his iron was back to normal. just a thought for you. ... (4 replies)
... sometimes throbs or stings accompanied by numbness or tingles in feet,wrists,thighs.legs arms etc. ... (20 replies)
Herpes Neuropathy?
Jun 22, 2015
... bness tingling and pain in both legs. Feet to hips. I've also got bladder retention, loss of bladder and bowel sensation, and constipation. My left arm pains and tingles but isnt as bad as my legs. ... (4 replies)
Looking for advice
Jul 30, 2012
... wouldn't be worth it. She basically told me that I may have an undiscovered disease to which there is no known treatment or cure for and just deal with it, come back in 3 months. ... (18 replies)
... with SFN. I'm interested in the genetic aspect because I suspect that my SFN is genetic. Even though my SFN didn't really hit me until I was 65, I now can look back and see early signs of it, such as foot cramps, when I was even a teen. ... (8 replies)
... Yeah me too am off to the specialist today due to a rough weekend:( hope you are having a good one (3 replies)
... Marza...sorry you are going through all that...believe me you are not alone and for sure stay positive...hoping those injections help you so that you can get back to living your life. ... (3 replies)

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